Creation of the Web

July 31, 2007

Everything is moving nicely forward, technology, education, politics and my knowledge of design and web functionality.  It seems i can never quite escape it, drawing page layout on the bus, watching or reading any flash tutorial I can get my hands on and writing writing writing.

It is a good feeling slowly moving towards a goal, achieving a dream and gaining confidence in that dream.  It’s just someday I wake up and i’m so tired, so unsure of where to go next and if things are truely going to work as i seem them.   But we survive and move and build.

Starting this week I’m going to start writing some more of my web theories and codes i’ve learned or dicovered, explaining more of the depth in flash or the times to use css or the troubles they have all caused me

Stay tune.


So close to victory

January 11, 2007

I got up this morning, working my way through the cold and the snow, arriving at schol for nine. Strange the only other person I’ve seen is Franz, when low and behold we both check our email and realise it was a pointless execise to get here. Class is cancelled, and here I thought I was almost free one exam and two projects later it was to be my weekend of freedom. Now we have to wait on the edge of our seats to find out when the end will be.

Regardless i’m still going out and getting tanked tonight.

Sleep just never seems to come

January 11, 2007

I can’t believe it snowed like the dickens out there, which in all likelihood means I should leave my house stupid early to get to school.  This important note of life mean i should have been in bed an hour ago, however this is not so.  No sleep for Daniel, I spent most of the afternoon studying and shovelling snow, and now my back hurts and my brain won’t be quiet. You know what that means?  That’s right, no sleep.

Love has found me

January 11, 2007

Sadly it’s in the form of a brand new iMac! So shiney so fast so beautifully mine!  Now I just need to wait till the bookstore gets more copies of CS2 in and my life will be complete. I will then be in the possesion of a fully functioning graphics machine, I will be a studio unto myself.  But more to the point i can play and be artistic.

first things i’ll work on:

  •     My comic book. I’ve been working on a story for about the past year, but it’s been put on hold since the start of this program. I doubt i’ll get to do much more on it till October, but anyhting i can do.
  • Animation. It’s been a while since i’ve done any animation of any sort, 2D or 3D
  • Web-design. I’ll be practicing honing my skills in web design and implementation, I’ve got the skillz to pay the billz yall!

January 11, 2007

A few years back when I was just a lad, I was invited to work on a local independant newspaper called Vent. I was thrilled by the idea and prospect, thusly I ended up doing a comic stip for them. Sadly the paper only survived three issues before the publisher decided he had better things to do with his time. Ah the fickleness of those in charge.

I guess I shoudl describe said comic strip, based on another comicbook I was working on, my busienss partner and I came up with “The Corks”. The story of a wine Maker, trapped in a magical mask, who supplies wine to the world. Being alone and over worked he created familiars to help with tasks around the vinyard. Anyway without further ado here are the first three issues of

The Corks


The Commercial

Corks issue #1 the commercial


Cork Trek

(cheesey I know)

Issue #2 Cork Trek



The Making

issue #3 the making

The World is Different on a Bus

December 11, 2006

Riding the bus you see much more of the world and the people in it, as Micheal Palin said riding the bus is like watching free cinema. Things happen when you’re out in the public domain, strange things, magical things and things that make you want to stay home. But it brings life to your doorstep, everyone should try it, at least from time to time.

Myself I’ve always had issues with the bus, when i was a child it was an enigma I desired to figure out. The bus just ambled along picking people up and dropping them elsewhere, and the world being so incredibly huge as a child this was the passage way to adventure.

Adventure, my first bus experience was not so exciting, but adventure none the less. Waiting at the bus stop with my mother I was so excited ince the bus arrived I forgot the bag with my new toys in it at the bus stop. About a block away I got off the bus and ran back to retrieve my items with my mother in tow, so much for a good impression.

Since then I’ve pretty much gotten on the wrong bus everytime i’ve tried. So I took the only option I could, I bought a car. Fate stepped in and took my car away so the bus and I have begin to dance anew. And surprisingly we are getting along fine, until it snowed.

Snow, something I have a secret love for,  has never bothered me.  That was until it was midnight and my bus had not arrived.  When along came some teenage girl who is obviously high on something and out of her mind.,  me being the only other person in the vacinity she latches on. I had many a reason to make a quick escape:

  • I was exhausted from school and work all day
  • trying to study for upcoming exams
  • planning my trip home
  • frankly she scared the crap out of me

My hand was forced I walked home. 3 hours and 30 minutes later I arrived home cold and wet, but alive and well. More alive than usual, I had been out in the world and see things ou never see from a car. That saftely bubble window had been removed. And it’s not so bad.

I can’t write anymore

IE the bane of my existence

December 7, 2006

I’ve been web developing on and off for years now, though it is only at the beginning of this course that i really began taking it seriously. With this new found drive to produce wicked websites (ooo alliteration) I’ve gotten a contract outside of school to migrate a website from flash to an HTML equivalent. Ah! The challenge how exciting!

Things have been moving along quite smoothly to be honest, the site was beautiful. You couldn’t even tell there was a difference from flash to code, everything looked exact in Firefox as it should. One day, say two weeks ago, Mark mentions that IE does things a little differently than other browsers. Really? I should check out my site in IE then, especially because that is one of the requirement in accomplishing this task.

To my dismay, it looked like i had puked up a website after a long evening of binge drinking in the Ivanhoe. How disgusting. One Example is the position:fixed, as we talked about in class it’s a brilliant little item should make having a navigation bar that doesn’t scroll a breeze. However in IE6 this small little style rule has no effect what so ever, though oddly enough it works fine in IE5. Microsoft I will never understand you.

I’ve since taught myself how to hack around IE to make sure things line up and every element appears as it should, though at times this is a long and frustrating task. I’ve managed to get three state image buttons, using the position: absolute and relative though again I had to hack my way around IE because it just would play nicely like the other browsers. Regardless the site will be done, and i can go binge drink at the Ivanhoe if i want to.

On the shinier side of things I’ve been learning a lot, so really if anyone out there has questions about webtech just stop me and ask. I don’t bite and i’m really not as mean or stupid as I look. Burned out, perhaps a little. But I’ll be glad to sit down and help you find your way through HTML.

Anyway if anything I can say it’s keep an eye on IE, Microsoft lost this battle, hopefully IE 7 will get better.

A few Interesting Movies coming our way

December 7, 2006

Just some movies of interest, coming atleast sometime in the nearish future.  You’ll find the main hook to get me to want to see a movie it to have be be visually impressive, this way even if the plot sucks I may still have something to look at and walk away with.

The Fountain

This just looks like an interesting idea, exploring what it means to be human.  Not sure if the main character actually moves through time or it is reincarnation but visually looks stunning.

Evan Almighty
Bruce Almighty actually really surprised me as an intelligent comedy with something to say, again a commentary on humanity.  Though despite the sucess of the first I’m still not expecting too much other than a good chuckle.

From the director of Run Lola Run.. need I say more

A good book by a young author, those who are into fantasy or even just found Lord of the Rings somewhat neat.  This will be the epic Fantasy movie of the winter season, smart time to release one look for it next week.

If you haven’t watched this trailer yet SHAME!!! SHAME on you!  As with most things Frank Miller has touched in the comic world this should be another golden egg.  First Sin City and now again with 300.  Geek Mythology with a modern highpaced storytelling.

Plus a few other, oh and just for everyones excitement, the new Harry Potter Trailer was released this last weekend, it’s not up on apple or Dark Horizons yet, but those great geek fans are all over it:

Pan’s Labyrinth

A young girl trapped in the harsh times of WW2 find’s a nidden magical land.  After watching this trailer all i can say is wow.

And just for honourable mentions:

The new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie looks AWESOME!  Loved them as a child and I think CG (Computer Graphics) will do them a nice bit of justice.


November 9, 2006

Everyday i sat down to write a blog andall I thought of was things to complain about.  I don’t like to complain, you know things aren’t that bad.  So perhaps i’ll ice my knee, pick up the last remain part of my car and get up to watch the sunrise.

A day is best started with something beautiful, why not a romantic morning with a cold knee and a steering wheel.  If that can’t improve ones mood what can.

I smile everyday do you see it.

Just another Meandering week

November 2, 2006

Somedays or many as is my case, you feel like you live upon the edge of a dream.  Small visions catch your attention, noises and voices call from the distant reaches of your thoughts.  I wandered around in the sun today, no particular direction, though as usual I ended up in a green space.  Very much alone, in the core of a bustling city, very much alone indeed.

 It’s strange that I see so much in life and yet no one is willing to fully step into the world I set for tea.  It’s been like that as long as I can recall, social wandering, vagabond of the socially rich.


 Something so foreign, yet so coveted.  One of the only truths left in this world, shoved to the backburner with the rest of what possibly made us human once.  Now we are the machine, playing in our field of invisible numbers. Numbers that never allow us to have enough time for strangers, for friends or for family.

 Who’s lost?

 Aren’t we all?  At least a little.

You know I always have to marvel at that which we call the human race!  I mean being human is relatively simple, fuck I do it all the time!  But seriously how hard is it to grasp common civilities.  I’d have to Say Tim hortons is truley an amazing hub of society.  I can honestly say that you spend a few hours of the day in there and you will most likely see more of life than you ever wanted to.  My friend Paul said Tim Hortons stories hold much more clout in life than most, due to there ability to be easily related to. So here it goes:

Typical evening,  dark, wet with an enjoyable vibe swimming amongst the drops.  Ghetto T’s looks to be devoid of people, as we parked the car. We grab our shit, as I rarely go far without having all my sketchbooks and pencils somewhere near by. Once we crack the door to allowing that warm flourent glow to wash over us; a line up has formed, where from noone really knows.  And not just any line up but a magical needless line of Ghetto T’s.  I only call it thus because it is a simple observation that would the clerks (and though i love them all) JUST SERVE the FUCKING PEOPLE IN LINE THERE WOULD BE NO LINE! But NOOO! they would much rather dump a pot of coffee into another one, move a tray from one shelf to another, or walk over to make sure they still have butter in the sandwhich area, anythign but look and talk to people. Hevean forbid!  I mean shit if anyone there should be scared it’s the customers! Some of those characters are surreal beyond imagination. Though in all fairness I’m sure that those poor souls behind the counter put up with more then their share of teh insanity breeding these days.

But I digress, or tangented it doesn’t much matter anymore does it.

Basically I guess if I felt obligated to give this post some sort of point, be it moral lesson or some sort of fuzzy feeling.  Despite the insanity that is Ghetto T’s,  I always go back.

Why? You may ask, if I find this place somewhat unsettling? 

It’s simple really. Everyday something should amaze me, be it an amazing fear melting beautiful sunset, the warm orange rays just brushing the clouds as we spin our path away from the sun, or a strange homeless lady who left 20 years ago to buy doughnuts for her grandchildren only to ended up with slightly bugged crossed eyes harassing a poor defenceless artist to look at her glasses which frame her ceaselessly paranoid stare looking for the money to buy her doughnuts *cough*booze*cough*.  There is still beauty and sparkle left top behold, still something worth bringing life into to enjoy, still something to share with other people.  WE all need to talk a little more freely, except a little more openly and defend teh future that is rightfully ours.

anyway, i’m done with Thursday, fuck that i’m done with friday and it hasn’t started.  not good. Let it be Saturday soon, when I can submerge my constantly bombarded mind with music and beer!

I just realised I don’t know how to spell Heven… hevean… heaven…. bah God’s House

*ninja Vanish*